The Borneo Bulletin was first published in 1953 as a weekly community newspaper for expatriates working in the Belait District. In 1959, the founders of Borneo Bulletin sold the press and newspaper to the Straits Times of Singapore. At that time the weekly Borneo Bulletin consisted of twelve pages and had a circulation of 3,500 copies.

In 1985, Brunei Darussalam's first public listed company, QAF, took over part of the shares of Brunei Press from the Straits Times. In September 1990, the Borneo Bulletin became a daily newspaper when QAF acquired full ownership of the newspaper. At present, the circulation per issue averages 20,000 copies daily while the Weekend and Sunday edition average 25,000 copies. The Borneo Bulletin is the main source of information on local, regional and foreign affairs, as well as business news. Detailed stock market reports of the Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and regional stock exchanges are carried for the benefit of Bruneian businessmen and investors. In addition to the more serious news, the newspaper carries sports, lifestyle and leisure pages.


If it is important to you, it is important to us.

That simply conveys the editorial priority of the Sunday Borneo Bulletin, the seventh day edition of Brunei’s foremost newspaper.

Within a very short time span, launched on June 2001 the Sunday Borneo Bulletin has succeeded in gaining itself a reputation with an undisputed cutting edge in delivering information on a wide range of topics.

It has a crisp and concise editorial style, which enables readers to rapidly locate the information they need.

It carries the most relevant news, while keeping readers abreast of all major developments here and abroad. It provides thought-provoking material, not to mention a slice of Bruneian life in distinctive narrative.

News and features are thought, planned and written in a decisive, innovative, approachable and credible manner by its young all-Bruneian editorial team.

Typically Sunday Borneo Bulletin reaches out to thoughtful, discerning, young upwardly mobile men and women of Brunei - mainly the future decision makers, entrepreneurs and those with a relatively high spending power.

With its mission to chronicle Brunei’s story, and a being a vigilant partner in helping the Sultanate shape its future, the Sunday Borneo Bulletin provides a diligent, truthful, accurate, objective and fair journalism, as it informs, educates and entertains.

It is a modern newspaper in its very concept. Reader-friendly to the core. And the uniqueness of this weekly begins with its wide range of resources.

Besides the highly motivated local staff covering every beat at national and regional levels, it is backed by reputed international services to provide up-to-the-minute news, features photos and graphics. Among them are Reuters, AFP, AP, dpa, The Guardian, Gemini, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times wires.

Therefore it comes highly loaded, packed with local and international newsbreaks all presented in succinct and informative format.

Its editorial content strives to maintain a balanced mixture of material, thus ensuring a wider readership profile.

It covers a diverse range of interests. From perspectives on the local scene and business insights to lifestyle and entertainment, technology to sports updates.

This innovative weekly has already set inimitable media standards and style in the Sultanate. It provides a solution for a successful way of getting your message to the right audience.

It’s a paper of today for tomorrow. For, the Sunday Borneo Bulletin anticipates what the reader wants, rather than provide what they said they liked yesterday. In short it tells them things that they do not know.

The paper is constantly gaining itself a niche among the young and intelligent and knowledgeable sectors of the community.

Its much acclaimed High School Sunday planned, written, and edited by Brunei’s high school students is easily the only such editorial product in this part of the world. It is truly interactive - being read, utilised and enjoyed by the students, teachers and parents both in schools and at homes.

It’s the only newspaper in Brunei to provide a weekly full colour TV Guide with a wide range of listings, reviews and images of exceptional quality.

Its weekly Lifestyle section provides a fully illustrated centrespread containing the latest information on changing trends and innovative ideas of the new millennium.

Sports is at its best with a range of coverage from local reporters, regional correspondents and latest world sports news and images electronically delivered via its own satellite link at Brunei Press.

Among other highlight are:
• Full colour cartoons for the entire family including Brunei’s most popular Borneo Bull’s Eye
• Teen zone with all that is cool for the new generation
• Cyberpage - for the web crawlers and other serious computer buffs
• Moneyline with latest business information

Sunday Borneo Bulletin reaches the right market.

Its soar-away readership bears testimony to its growing popularity.

Indeed it is the RIGHT READ every Sunday.